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21.07.2014 21:05, Chris from Belfast E-Mail:
Had a great day at the show as well as the after show party. LH&R Chris

20.07.2014 21:42, Mike from Derry E-Mail:
Great show yesterday as always.Good talking to Spud and Woo.See you again soon

09.07.2014 19:16, Iggy:
Lads, why is there no rat bike section at the show ?


there wasn't enough interest in rat bikes for the show, although i like them myself, if enough interest is shown at this years show for a rat section, we will add it to next years

12.05.2014 19:27, Scot McNamara from Minnesota USA E-Mail:
would like to order a shirt


Hi Scot
we are getting our new support shirts printed shortly, and we hope to have all our supportwear up on our new support shop on FB very soon.

08.05.2014 10:42, Butch from Watauga TX E-Mail:
Hello from Texas, I am a huge 81 supporter that is proud of my Irish heritage.

04.05.2014 15:18, Jason PWMC Clark from Taylors sc USA E-Mail:
Just wanted to say I am a big 81 supporter and I have a big Irish heritage. MLH&R. PECKERWOOD MC SFFS81

23.04.2014 18:22, Chris from Belfast E-Mail:
Happy birthday friday 25 April Skinny. LH&R Chris,Do & kids.

01.04.2014 23:32, Wayne from Belfasty from United Kingdom E-Mail:
Seen a Few Of ye on the shankill few weeks ago lookin well

17.03.2014 18:53, Greg from Ontario:
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my brothers in Belfast! I know you're all having a blast, and I wish I was there to join you. I will, at least, get my share of Guinness tonight with you all in mind.

HAMC Kitchener

17.03.2014 12:15, Johnny Hell Homepage:

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Entries: 103
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